WOTY Recap: Slow

Each month, I’ve been writing about my experiences with my Word of The Year, Slow. I’ve felt that the word hasn’t had much impact or meaning in my life. Until recently, that is.

I’ve noticed that Slow has been present in my life a lot. A few months ago I decided to grow out my hair. I was sporting a Halle Berry cut so it was super short. And I have curly hair. The growing out process has been painfully slow.

I’ve also been experiencing a really, really bad case of acne. It’s been horribly embarrassing. Not only do I have breakouts all over my face, but due to my skin tone, I’m left with dark marks as a lovely reminder. I’ve been going to different facialists, trying new products, etc etc etc. It’s been an extremely slow process. Side note, I did find a salon that offered laser treatment. I had one session and it was great. I did freak out for a few days because I developed really dark marks on some of the spots but they fell off.

Now I’m immersed in my yoga teacher training. I am overwhelmed with the amount of learning that I have to do. However, I’m reminding myself to take it Slow. I will survive.


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