It’s Official: Yoga Teacher Training Program

I’ve blogged once or twice about my search for the perfect yoga teacher training program. The frustration that I was feeling. The impatience. And finally peace and acceptance.

I found “the one.” I’m going to be participating in a summer intensive at Lotus Yoga in Montclair. It begins May 28th. We meet every. single. weekend. Saturdays 4-9pm, Sundays 2-9pm and Mondays 7-10 pm. Until the end of September.

I’m also doing a major kitchen renovation at the exact same time. What was I thinking?I’ll be honest. I’m really freaking scared. I feel like I’m going to miss my entire summer. All the bbqs that my husband loves to host. All the neighbors coming over, laughing and drinking. All the summer fun.

At the same time, the other part of me feels “Oh well.” While those activities are fun and important, learning about an ancient tradition is just as important, if not more. I feel it in my bones that I am going to be a changed person after this experience is done.

I am excited. Really scared too. But the fear didn’t stop me from filling out the application form and for sending in the check. (That was just deposited so it’s really, really official).

None of this would have been possible without the support of my husband. He really supported my decision and encouraged me to sign up, even though he is fully aware of how this will impact his life. All. summer. long.

Probably beyond too.

So, thank you dear husband, to my kids and to the Universe. I can’t wait to see what unfolds and manifests during this time!


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