CooCoo For lulu

Since my interest in lululemon has re-emerged, I’ve been back to checking out various lululemon blogs. There are also a few groups on Facebook, one being an Exchange board. I love this board. The members with lulu obsessed fans who buy, sell and trade their lulu attire. When my husband first learned of it, he was disgusted. He thought it was really gross that women would buy used work out clothes. Yeah, when he put it that way I agreed with him.

However, many times women will sell items new with tags. Plus you can find some great deals and with lulu being so expensive, it’s not surprising to learn that they are over 6,000 members on one of the boards alone! There are even lulu angels who will go to a store for you to buy something on your behalf. I’ve been amazed.

Last week I noticed a flurry of posts. When I began to read what was going on, I felt sick. Apparently there was a woman who traded thousands and thousands of dollars worth of lulu, except that she didn’t live up to her side of the bargain. There are tons of women who sent her their stuff and haven’t received anything back. Apparently she was also selling on ebay and the suspicion is she was taking all the stuff she received and reselling it on ebay.

Sick, huh? I haven’t kept up with the posts. They just go on and on. Last I read the police are now involved. I feel so awful for anyone got swindled by this woman. I hope this is just some weird misunderstanding and that there’s a happily ever after ending.


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