Reader’s Digest Baby!

I wanted to share my happy news. I was just published in Reader’s Digest. They have recently redesigned their website. They also started a newsletter called Best You.  My article was featured online and also distributed in their newsletter.

I’m so happy!

A funny thing: a friend asked me why my name wasn’t on the byline. When I first started writing, have a byline was important to me. I loved seeing my name in print. Of course that is still the case but at this point, my ego doesn’t really care. It’s an honor getting published in such a well established and well recognized brand name. I am beyond thrilled. Plus they call me a “Bes You Editor.” That ain’t chopped liver!

I’d like to thank God, the Universe and of course my amazing editor Lisa for all her help. Lastly, I’d also like to thank my friend Beth who has been a huge supporter in this particular endeavor.

One last thing: If you could be so kind to “Like” the article on their website. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks so much!


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