The Little Things

I love hearing my daughters laugh.

Motherhood has not been anything at all what I expected. I never ever changed a diaper until I had my first daughter. I had no clue at all about raising children. I expected my children to be exactly like me. Obedient and quiet. Yeah right.

However, today my almost 8 year daughter kept on reaching for my hand. My almost 6 year old crawled into my lap. Life, while most times unexpected, is so damn good.


3 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. what a sweet – and true – post! especially nice for me to read today when this school vacation week has been wearing a little thin at my house.

  2. It’s the moments like those that keep us in touch with what it’s all about. And (speaking as a mom of a 2 & 4 year old) those moments keep us from insanity too. Thanks for taking the time to share this!

  3. Thank you Anna and Mutterschwester! I often have to remember these sweet moments when they are driving me crazy.

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