Spring Cleanse: Inside and Out

It seems that every other friend I have on Facebook is doing a cleanse. One friend is doing a cleanse her husband devised.  It’s a month long cleanse involving lots of fruits and vegetables. Another friend is doing one that her nutritional counselor put together for her. My friend Catherine Moon, who is a Chef and Life Coach, put together an online cleanse.

I’ve always been attracted do doing a cleanse. I’m just so lazy that I want it to be as simple as possible. I’d want someone to make all the smoothies or whatever is involved.

A year or two ago I brought up the topic of doing a cleanse with my doctor at the time. He said that as long as all our organs were functioning properly, our bodies do not need a cleanse.

Despite his opinion, my fascination with cleanses hasn’t dissipated. But yet I haven’t taken any action on trying one out. Maybe now is the time.  I know I have a lot of toxins that need to be released.


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