WOTY Monthly Recap: Slow

My word of the year, slow, is slowing losing steam. Every so often, Slow pops into my head but that’s about it. I still want my goals to manifest- fast. I don’t want things to happen slowly.

The funny thing is that I had forgotten my initial word of the year: contentment. As we’re heading into April, I’ve been thinking which word could best suit what has happened in the first three months of the year. Slow definitely is an appropriate word for some situations. However, contentment is also a word that best describes how I strive to feel about my life- content. It cracks me up to ponder- am I content with my word of the year? As of this very moment, I’m not.

I also wonder if this is one of those situations when I will look back on December 31st or January 1st and see just how appropriate Slow was to my life.

Or, am I just kidding myself? Guess we shall see.


3 thoughts on “WOTY Monthly Recap: Slow

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