Death and Dying

I had the most amazing experience yesterday. In the morning, I received two emails from two separate friends. They each wrote how they were “savoring” their lives. They both used the word “savor.” How weird is that? I knew this was a message I needed to hear.

A couple of hours later, I received an email saying that a friend of mine, Michele, was back in the hospital. The doctors expected her to live for a day or two. I rushed to see her one last time. She was surrounded by her family and friends.

Before I walked into the hospital, I tried to prepare myself. Every time I enter a hospital I think of my Mom dying. Every time I had visited Michele in the hospital, I felt my mom’s death over and over. But this time I was prepared. Or so I thought.

When I walked in, I introduced myself to the family. They all knew me. What?! Apparently Michele had told them about me. They called me her “energy friend.” Her niece broke down into tears as she told me how Michele would talk about me sending her Reiki and positive thoughts and how good it made her feel.

I had no idea.

I gave Michele Reiki as she lay on the hospital bed. I felt no energy pull from her body. I felt she had already gone even though her body was still physically breathing. Then something strange started to happen. I could hear Michele’s voice in my head saying “I’m ok, I’m ok, I’m ok.” I felt I was going either insane or just making it up. I decided to share what I was hearing with Michele’s sister Joanne, who was clutching Michele’s hand in tears. I shared a few other things that I was “hearing.” Even though inside I was freaking out and seriously thinking I was crazy and that I should not be telling this to the family, I also felt very calm. I felt this had to be said.

I also saw Michele looking down at herself. It was so brief, it happened so fast that I almost missed it.

Michele passed away 45 minutes after I left. My heart breaks for her sweet little daughter who is left without a mom at age 6. I am so happy that she has a large and loving family surrounding her.

Michele, thank you for giving me such a gift and for allowing me to be with you and your family during your last moments.


3 thoughts on “Death and Dying

  1. Thanks for sharing this story and for the beautiful service you offered the family and your friend.
    I was thinking about this this morning – the savoring of life and how when we are close to death or the death of a loved one we appreciate all of life more.
    Prayers for this young family in their grief and new life and for your friend in her next one about to begin.

  2. Thank you so much Janet. I know she is in a new place. Not better, but new. My heart is heavy thinking about her young daughter and family.

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