Change Your Life

Recently I’ve been presented with many different work opportunities. I will admit that sometimes it’s challenging for me to make a decision. Sure, a few times I’ve been offered a project that I immediately knew wasn’t a good fit. In those instances, saying no came easily. However, other projects could either be something great or something not so great. I typically trust my gut instincts but what if your gut tells you (like mine was) “Hmm, I’m not sure. Maybe. Maybe not.”

A fellow blogger (and psychic) Catherine and I have been emailing about making decisions. She asked me about my Life Mission. She said once I figure out my Life Mission, it may be easier to make certain decision. I can ask myself if this decision is aligned with my Life Mission.

She referred me to her blog to read more about it. I ran over to check out her posts and immediately began doing the suggested exercises. As a child, I loved to read books and magazines and I also loved writing. I wanted to be Judy Blume. As an adult, I am now a magazine and web writer who still admires Judy Blume!

I think my Life Mission is something along the lines of “Opening people’s minds to new options in health and well-being by experiencing these options and sharing my experiences.” By the way, that is a direct quote from Catherine. I love trying out various health modalities, such as hypnosis, and then writing about it. Since I have a local online column, many of my friends read my work. I have received a lot of feedback from them. Even total strangers email me about my writing. People have commented how they admire the fact that I put myself out there, try these “crazy” things and then writing about them. I feel good about the fact that I may be demystifying healing modalities and opening up the possibility for others to try them.

I’ve also been called a Connector. For example, I have a friend who is in real estate. She wants to be successful at selling houses. I have a friend who makes sprays using essential oils infused with Reiki. I know she has made a spray for someone who was trying to sell her house. I just connected these two friends. I do this all the time.

One thing Catherine suggests is coming up with a cute phrase or name that sums up your Life Mission. Her’s is Fairy Godmother. I LOVE that name. I haven’t been able to come up with my own. One of my editors called me the Suburban Seeker. I liked the alliteration but I don’t want to be called Suburban since I am a city girl in my bones 🙂

According to Catherine, when you find your Life Mission is will make the hairs on your neck stand up. I’m not sure I am quite there yet but I am getting close.

What about you? Have you found your Life Mission? Do you have any suggestions as to a cute name for mine?



6 thoughts on “Change Your Life

  1. Judie

    I’m glad to be of service (My Life Mission is Fairy Godmother because everything that’s juicy for me is about helping people find and live their best and brightest dreams :)…)

    It’s worth noting that Life Missions can have names that are dramatic, or friendly, as well as the cute option. And that folks may start at one understanding of their Life Mission, and then find out that it’s bigger than you first thought.

    I’ve just found that knowing your Live Mission helps you to have a happier more meaningful life.

    Something I wish for everyone…


  2. Hi Judie, Enjoy the journy of unfoldment in discovering your mission as you put the pieces together. I did not find a name for mine into well into the process-34 years of walking it. My begiining and continued walk are in total alignment. My mission is to Be the Medicine and to teach people to Live the Power of Them. When it was crystal clear it was easy to discern each choice “Is this in alignemtn with Be The Medicine or not?” This continues to help me refine the journey and the work. Enjoy the Journey! Its not and end point – very step is it! Blessings and Adventures of Discovery.

  3. Janet, thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and for your comment. I love your name! It is in perfect alignment to your service. Thank you for the inspiration and also for the reminder that I am on a journey. I often expect immediate results and need to remember to enjoy every moment.

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