More is Better

The other day I blogged about an inspirational piece of literature that I read. It said that if you are feeling stuck, to increase your devotional time. The author suggested to read something that inspires you, listen to inspiring music, just do something.

This piece of advice stuck in my head. I decided to test it out.

I’ve been chanting to Ganesh for a few weeks. Initially I was very gung ho and saw immediate changes. After a week or two, things slowed down and I wasn’t happy. My interest began to wane. I didn’t give up completely. I still chanted in the morning but came up with a variety of excuses not to chant before bed. I’m too tired, I need my sleep and the ever favorite, This Isn’t Working Anyway So Why Bother.

For the past two days, I’ve returned to chanting two times a day. I can’t say that I’ve experienced any changes (yet) but I will say that I feel better. Every time I made the decision not to chant, I felt guilty. I felt bad. Now that I am back to chanting twice a day, I am feeling much better. I have returned to the commitment and promise that I made myself. And I feel good.



2 thoughts on “More is Better

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