Are You Listening?

A few weeks ago, I shared with my prayer partner, Andrea, something that had occurred that day. I remarked if it was a sign from the Universe. She laughed and said “Sweetheart, the Universe is always talking to you.”

I’ve been thinking about her statement ever since that conversation. I don’t even remember what we were talking about; all I remember is her remark!

Yesterday, I went to services at the Center for Spiritual Living. The service was titled “This Equals That.” In a nutshell, it was that whatever is happening in your life (that) is caused by your own thoughts (this). The Universe always responds to your thoughts with a YES, regardless if you are thinking “I am fat” or “I am skinny.” If you are focusing on the things that you want, the Universe says YES. If you are focusing on your fears or things you don’t want, the Universe responds with a YES.

It’s something that I believe. The message resonated with me. It served as a good reminder to be more mindful of my thoughts.

Later I was online and checked out of my favorite blogger’s new post. The post was on keeping your eyes on your desires and what you want rather than your fears or what you don’t want. Jeanette related it to something called skidding when you are race car driving. It’s a must read.

This morning, I read an inspirational prayer called Stay Inspired. It said that when you are having a hard time getting inspired, double up on inspiration, ie, listen to inspirational music or read inspirational literature. I took this to mean the same exact thing as the other two messages. Keep your eye on the prize, no matter may be going on.

Hmm, is the Universe trying to tell me something?


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