The Road Not Taken

I spent over a decade working in the advertising side of magazine publishing. I was the Beauty Director at magazines such as Seventeen and Mademoiselle. I worked with high level beauty advertisers such as Chanel and mainstream advertisers like Dove. I was very successful in this career. I made a ton of money, wined and dined clients and loved breaking new accounts and exceeding my quota all the time.

Ultimately, though, I later went down a different path. I became a stay at home mom for a while. As my children got older, I itched to do something, anything. I decided to follow one of my passions- writing.

I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. I used to write my mom notes, I used to write stories, I was a reporter for my high school paper and have a degree in Magazine Journalism from Syracuse University. I’ve been happy with my decision. Most of the times.

I’ve reconnected with many former colleagues through Facebook and LinkedIn. It amazes me that every single person has remained in the business. I have not found one person who has made a change like I did. Or if I have, I am blind to it.

I’m so happy to read how my colleagues have continued to climb the ladder. My peers are now magazine publishers and high level directors. I will admit that I feel a touch of envy. I wonder what would my career have been like if I stayed in that industry. Would I have been an Advertising Sales Director or an Executive Beauty Director?

I remind myself how rewarding I feel my writing is to the community and to myself. I am so thankful when I receive emails from strangers who have read my work. Despite all these thoughts, I cannot help but wonder what if…..



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