Busy As A Bee

A week or so ago I wrote how I’ve been experiencing some changes with my career. It’s definitely been challenging for me. I’ve been stressed about money and wondering what is going to happen next.

I’m not the type who sits back and watches. I need to take action- and fast. Shocking, I know. I’ve also networked and enjoyed it because I love connecting with people. However, I stepped it up a notch. Or two.

I have connected with so many people in the health and wellness industry. It’s been amazing! Health and wellness practitioners have approached me for help with their marketing needs. I have done this in the past but never to this degree. It’s been a lot of fun and my clients (gee, that’s a new term for me) seem to be happy with my services.

I have quite a few meetings this week. I am so excited to see how this all transpires.

A part of me- a big part- wishes I could fast forward to a month or two in the future to see how everything manifests. I have to remind myself to stay in the present moment, enjoy what is going on and soak it all in.

What turned out to be an ending has really turned into a wonderful beginning.

The kicker is that it wasn’t an ending per say. Yes, my health and wellness columns are no longer going to be featured but I was offered an alternate column. It really has all worked out. If I had felt confident that it would have worked out this way I am not sure I would have been so open to all these new opportunities.

Life is funny that way.


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