Word Of The Year Monthly Recap

I’ve decided to write about my Word Of The Year, a concept that I was inspired to take on by Christine Kane, on the first day of every month. Initially I chose the word Contentment. However, I felt that another word was a better match: Slow.

Slow could not be a better word to describe January. I spent every single day coughing or blowing my nose. I suffered a yoga injury. One of my major sources of income, pleasure and connection to my community ended. Mother Nature also had a lot of input. We’ve had more snow than ever. We’ve had school cancellations, delayed openings, and event after event rescheduled. Everything in my life felt as slow as molasses.

I felt the Universe wanted to make sure I was hearing this message. Through my blog, I “met” Catherine, a psychic. She gave me an I-Ching reading over the phone. It was so cool. My reading pointed to the word “stagnation” and “stillness.” Yeah, yeah Universe, I hear you even though I don’t necessarily like this message.

Catherine and I had a nice, long conversation about my desire to get published in a woman’s magazine and the fact that I have been searching and searching for a yoga teacher training program. Basically, Catherine, who is also an intuitive, told me to- wait for it- slow down. Take a deep breath. That this is the time to plant seeds, renew my strength and skills. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading and hearing Catherine’s insights and advice.

There have been other experiences that have said pretty much the same message. At my yoga class last week, the teacher spoke of struggle and forcing things to happen. “Isn’t it more peaceful’, she asked, “if we are open to receive?”

It struck a cord with me. I need to slow down. I need to open up and receive. Can I do it? I’m willing to be wiling.


9 thoughts on “Word Of The Year Monthly Recap

  1. I’m glad that you liked your reading. It also tickles me that you’re getting similar messages from other sources (I’ve seen that happen many times, but it always still amazes me how the Universe puts the info in our path, whether thru a blog post, rambling psychic, or chance comment in a yoga class)

    As we talked about, I also find it hard to wait for my dreams to arrive. I try to think that such situations are here to teach me patience for the long haul, and so that I’ll fully notice how amazing something is when it finally arrives. This is more helpful at sometimes than at others, but I keep plugging along there

    Good luck on your dreams. I look forwards to being able to say “I knew her when…”


  2. Thanks so much Catherine. It’s much easier (for me) when I realize that life is a lot nicer if I accept what is going on as opposed to trying to force things to happen or get frustrated. I’ve been thinking a lot of the Serenity Prayer. Funny enough, I received an email this morning with the full prayer in the email!

  3. Catherine, I didn’t realize this line was part of the prayer: “Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace.” I am not sure I like that part! Why is hardship a pathway to peace? I can deal without the hardship.

  4. I’d say that that comes out of a Puritan work ethic mindset, where you need to work for good things.

    Now there’s some truth in that- but there’s also truth in the idea that we can make progress without going through suffering if we choose to get up off our fannies and move, as opposed to want but wait until pain forces us to move

    Sometimes we need to wait to let things come to fruition

    But suffering as a part of growth is often optional…

    It’s your head so you get to edit what goes into it

    How about “Accepting hardship may be part of the pathway to peace.”?


  5. Thanks Catherine. It reminds me of something a woman once told me. She said when she prays, she asks that she learns her lessons easily and effortlessly. She said she wanted to avoid “painful” lessons.

  6. I like that. But what I want is not so much to avoid painful lessons, as to learn “easily and effortlessly’. bypassing pain as much as possible.

    A slight distinction, but to me, important…

    Sometimes pain may be part of the growth process. When you were born, there was more than a bit of it.

    Bt suffering’s often optional.

    So, if I can avoid pain by listening and learning sooner, right on. But if there is no other way, I’ll show up for the lesson, pain and all, rather than avoid the pain and miss the point…

    But only when that’;s the only way to do it….


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