Om My God! Why Is This So Hard?

The more I think about taking part in a yoga teacher training program, the more excited I get. When I tell my friends about it, they all say I would make a great teacher. Even my husband thinks so. I’m not sure I want to become a teacher but I definitely would like to learn a lot more about yoga and to deepen my practice.

However, I wasn’t expecting it to be so challening to find a freaking program!

I like to support local businesses and, thankfully enough, there is a local studio that is offering a program next month. I can walk to the studio if I wanted to. But, they meet on Wednesday evenings and my husband travels during the week. I would have to pay $50 every week for a babysitter and the program is over $3k!

There was another program that I had heard about. I checked out the studio. I thought it was nice. They were suppose to have an open house last week but we were hit with a huge snow storm and it was postponed until this week. And the program starts next week. I haven’t even met the director of the studio. And I don’t like feeling like I am pressured to make a fast decision. Plus, as of last week, they only had 5 spots available.  The final straw is that their classes start at 9:15 am and I would be so stressed dropping my kids at school, rushing back home and driving 20 minutes to make it to class.

I spoke with a friend about this.  She said I just haven’t found the right program. No duh! But I want to. Now. Yesterday!

On Friday, an acquaintance told me about a studio that I never knew existed. I googled the studio and found out that they were hosting a q & a for their yoga teacher training program on Saturday. I felt it was fate. I was so excited to check it out.

The teacher was nice but it was not for me. I felt like I was working out at a nursing home. The yoga, Hatha, was a lot of stretching. I just wanted to scream. I felt obligated to say for the q & a. I was the only person there! They have 11 people already signed up so clearly there are people who are drawn to this studio. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

I know I will find a studio and a great program. I know it will all work out. The good thing is that there are many programs that seem to be popping up. There are at least two other studios that I need to check out.

I am fully aware how lucky and blessed I am to have this “problem.” Just so you know, I do have a lot of serious issues going on in my life. This is serving as a nice distraction from my other shit.


5 thoughts on “Om My God! Why Is This So Hard?

  1. If only you could come to L.A.! There is a training here that you would love. Good luck…I’m sure you’ll find the right one at the right time. xo

  2. Jess, I’ve heard there are some great yoga teachers in LA. I know I will find the right teacher. I just don’t like waiting 🙂

    Thanks so much for writing!

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