“Change is good” has become my mantra lately. Unfortunately. I have been experiencing a lot of changes and I can’t say I am happy about them. Mainly because they have not been a change that I initiated.

One of my dear friends moved to the next town over. She is, maybe, 7-10 minutes away by car, which isn’t far at all. Except when she used to be 2 minutes, 30 seconds walking distance from my house.  We haven’t been seeing each other as often. No more texts asking “wanna come over?” Things have changed.

A day or two ago, I experienced a big change at my job. I am still digesting it.

I’ve been telling myself “when one door closes, the other door opens.” I think I believe that to be true but I’ll tell you it’s a hell of a lot easier to swallow when the door is opened right in front of you. Right now, all I feel is the closed door that just slammed me in my ass. Where is the open door????  Trust me, when I say that I am looking for it and I am praying for it.

I also know that “this too shall pass” and “nothing lasts forever.” Yet, no matter how many cliches I come up with, I can’t seem to make lemonade out of lemons. At least, not at this very moment. I don’t want these changes to happen. I want things to stay the same!

However, I also know that “resistance is futile.” So I take a deep breath and remind myself to accept what is. Release and let go. Release and let go. Release and let go.


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