I Am In Love

I just completed the three day Seane Corn yoga detox workshop. I only have one word to describe the experience: AMAZING!

I can still barely believe that I got to be in her presence. She touched me. She agreed to take a photo with me. Listening to her speak on spirituality, well, I felt she repeated much of what I believe in my heart and discussions I have shared with friends.

One big thing was the sense of community. I experienced this at Kripalu as well. Being surrounded by people who are together for one common goal is very cool. I know, after speaking with other guests, everyone is coming from a different place but overall, we were on the same page.

For some odd reason I feel like a groupy right now but I know that is not the case. It was just very surreal to be with someone like Seane Corn. I mean, she is one inspiring yogini. One big surprise was how real she was and came across. I didn’t feel like she was fake or putting on an act. I felt she really practices what she preaches.

I will write more as time goes on and I am able to incorporate int my world some of the tools I learned this weekend. I feel so blessed and lucky to have had this experience. I am laughing thinking how, just a few weeks ago, I wondered if I should take the whole workshop or only part of it. Then I got sick and wondered if I would cough the entire time. And then I injured my neck and wondered if I would be able to participate at all.

Thank you Universe for helping make this happen! I am so thankful and appreciative. I happily accept and welcome more similar or even better experiences!


6 thoughts on “I Am In Love

  1. Wow, Judie…I’m so excited for you! It sounds like you had a truly wonderful experience. I can’t wait to hear more about it!!!

  2. Thanks Jennifer. Yes, it was really great. I’m most happy that I am feeling well enough to be working out. I even went to yoga today. However, after 4 straight days of practice, I am feeling it. I’m taking a break tomorrow.

  3. How exciting! I remember the first time I studied with her. What a wonderful experience. She’s the one who really inspired me to go forward with whatever style I wanted to teach. No holding back. Love her!

    Great blog! How nice that EM brought us together. 🙂

  4. Jess, thank you so much for visiting my post and for your comment. I went on your blog last night! It was way past my bedtime so I intended to post a comment today 🙂 I will be in touch soon.

  5. awesome! can’t wait to hear more about the workshop. she seems so amazing from the videos i’ve seen of her.

  6. Lisa, thank you so much for posting on my blog. I do need to recap the workshop!! I intend to do it this week. Judie

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