Getting Back Into The Groove

I’ve been thinking about Reiki a lot lately. And not in a good way. Ever since I got sick, over 3 weeks ago, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Reiki. Actually, I’ve been a hater. I was so frustrated that despite all my practice, Reiki did not prevent me from getting sick. Nor did it help me get well faster. At least, not to my knowledge or awareness.

Now that I am finally feeling somewhat back to normal, I’m wondering if my expectations were unrealistic. (And, why o why does this feel so familiar to me?) I mean, I’ve been practicing Reiki on and off (mainly off) for about a year. I only recently got Reiki Level 2 certified so it probably wasn’t fair for me to expect Reiki to do all that I wanted it to do.

Today, I asked Andrea, my Reiki teacher, how I should get back into the Reiki groove. Her answer was simple: start practicing! How could I expect to get better or more tuned into the energy if I was just thinking about it and not actually doing it? Duh!

I did a mini-five minute Reiki session on myself. Did I feel different? Not really. But at least I did something. And something is better than nothing.


4 thoughts on “Getting Back Into The Groove

  1. Hi Judie

    One of the things that I’ve found is that, even if I have wonderful tools and techniques such as Reiki, they do not prevail against my own folly.

    If I don’t use them regularly, they don’t work.

    If I overextend myself, there’s only so much they’ll do to me.

    If I let myself get into chronic worry/anger/frustration, the energy of these emotions is like a weight around my neck and Reiki has to work much harder to overcome it.

    If I use Reiki to heal the results of something I’ve done and then do that thing again, I’ll have a new round of illness or injury to contend with

    There’s an old jok that goes “Dr! Dr! It hurts when I do this!”

    “Then don’t do that anymore!”

    Reiki rocks, but part of the package is needing to also try to do things that support my health and well-being.

    Hope that’s a help


  2. Catherine, wow, thank you so much for reading my blog and for your very insightful reply. I really appreciate it!

  3. Catherine, I have had a cold/cough/runny nose for one month. I have asked myself why it’s taking “so long” for me to release this. It’s been an interesting journey. I hope you feel better soon. I also sent you an email yesterday. I would like to connect with you. Thanks!

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