An Attitude of Gratitude

Recovering from my neck injury has taken a lot longer than I expected. I’ve been rather cranky and frustrated due to this experience. I have been praying to get healthy- now- immediately-today and not a second later.

Physical healing hasn’t happened as fast as I wanted it to. Grump. Is the word Slow striking a cord with me? Yes, it certainly is.

I’ve come to accept (this happened very slowly by the way) that, right now, my body needs time to rest and heal. There isn’t anything I can really do to speed up the process. Well, I have been praying a lot. Going to my chiropractor. Stuff like that but it still hasn’t healed as fast as I would like. And I’m ok with that.

I’ve realized the many blessings this injury has given me. It has given me an excuse to nap when I felt tired. It’s given me the opportunity to sign up for a Tuesday morning class. It’s a class that I had been wanting to take but never made the commitment because I wanted to take my favorite hot yoga class. It’s enabled me to have conversations with people I would not have had otherwise.

One yoga teacher told me the injury was part of my education. She said that when I begin teaching yoga (and she thought, for whatever reason, without even having met me, I will teach) I will teach from a different perspective. I will know and understand when someone comes to me with an injury. I will be able to relate to them in a while that someone who never had an injury could not. That conversation really shifted things for me.

Would I rather not have had this experience. Hell yeah! But if I count my blessings, it helps ease the pain. Both inside and out.


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