What A Pain In The Neck!

Even though I’m still coughing a bit and blowing my nose, I’m feeling well enough to get some exercise. My body has been craving exercise.

Yesterday I felt like doing a yoga class. I thought it would be good but not terribly strenuous. Yep. I was wrong.

I got a little cocky towards the end of class. The teacher asked me if I had an headstand practice. Of course I do! However, I also knew that my strength is not back 100% AND I am still not well versed in doing the headstand unassisted.

However, me being too proud to move my mat against the wall, I did the headstand in the middle of the room. I made it up just fine. At one point, I felt as if my legs were not aligned and as I tried to straighten them, I could not only feel myself tipping over, I could also see the world going upside down. It was pretty cool actually.

It was not cool landing on my back. Ouch! I thought I was ok but I did something to my neck. I could barely sleep last night due to the pain.

I am seeing my chiropractor tomorrow morning. I’ve been wanting to get any adjustment for a while anyway. My back has been fine but since I have been so sick, I wondered if  something was out of alignment. Now’s a good of a time as any, I guess.


One thought on “What A Pain In The Neck!

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