The Big Reveal: My Word Of The Year

Yes! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!

My Word of the Year is….CONTENTMENT!!!!!

I’m content with my choice but it wasn’t easy. I wanted a word that would inspire me yet also scare and challenge me. I came up with a slew of options ranging from Yes, Intuition, Easy, Possibility, Flow, Now…. The list went on and on.

I wasn’t sure if any of those words would help me manifest my desires. My wishes range from getting published in a women’s health magazine, to enrolling in a yoga teacher training program, to returning to Kripalu or trying out Omega to being more patient with my kids to …… I have a few things on my wish list!

I almost picked Slow. Now, that was a word that scared me. Terrified me. I want things to happen fast. I hate waiting. Slow is probably a good word for me but it also doesn’t inspire me.

I thought about the word and my desires. I had talks with my husband and friends. Soon another word popped up: Appreciation and Satisfaction. I often don’t appreciate all my accomplishments. I quickly achieve a goal and then move on to another one.

The word Contentment popped into my head as I was making breakfast. And it just stuck. Honestly, I wasn’t initially overjoyed with the word. The word, to me, also had some negative connotations. It reminded me of Boring. Blah. Dull. Passive. Submissive. Ugh, right?

But, it also has other meanings to me. I take it to mean Peace. Being Fulfilled. Satisfied. Enough. Complete.

And those words make me feel really good and warm inside.

So, there it is. That’s my word. How is it going to help me manifest my desires? I’m not really sure but I guess I’ll find out exactly how it impacts my goals and my life.



2 thoughts on “The Big Reveal: My Word Of The Year

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