Snap Out Of It!

Last night I conducted an interview with a psychologist for an article that I’m writing on dealing with grief and loss during the holiday season. One thing that stood out was our talk around the length of time that our culture feels is appropriate to be sad.

How many times have we told someone, or even ourselves, to “snap out of it”? I know I have said this to myself a lot recently. Some days I’ve been so grumpy and I tell myself to get over it and move on.

But is that an easy thing to do?  According to the psychologist, one of the best things to do is to be mindful of our feelings, look at them, explore, and accept. It’s also important to realize that “this too shall pass.” I know these are cliques but they are a clique for a reason!

So, I accept that sometimes I will be cranky but I also know that I will begin to feel better soon too. That makes all the difference.


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