Make A Wish

As you may know, I am a lover of the moon. I love the beauty of the moon, especially a full one, in the sky. Sunday, December 5th marks another new moon. The new moon is an ideal time to write down your wishes. While I believe that any day is a great day to make a wish, I also believe that by joining forces with nature can only provide an added boost. So, why not?

I always turn to astrologer Jan Spiller for information on the new moon. I do take it one step further, though. I have my astrology chart on I don’t read my horoscopes but I do check out where the new moon is hitting me. I’m not very knowledgeable about astrology and I’m afraid to even attempt to describe the terms. From my limited understanding, there are 12 houses in astrology. Depending on the time/date/place of your birth, an astrologer (or various online astrological sites) can put together your birth chart.

Since the moon, sun and other planets move every day, your horoscope changes on a daily basis. I read to see what house is being touched by the new and full moon. This month, the new moon is hitting my 1st house. I then go to to read what this may mean.

Apparently a new moon in the first house is a powerful one. It’s a “me” new moon. It’s supposed to be a great time to make changes to ones appearance and new habits.

I don’t drive myself crazy with this.  It takes me a few minutes and then I write my wishes. This month I will be using a New Moon Guided Meditation CD that I purchased at Kripalu last month. It’s called Moon Wish by Nini Gridley. I attended her new moon meditation class when I was at Kripalu. My wish has not yet manifested but I know it will soon.

May all your wishes come true for your highest good!


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