You Gotta Have Faith

As I blogged just a few days ago, lately I’ve been exploring a whole new way of being. I’ve always been a “ok, so now what do I do?” type of person. I set a goal and I go on my merry way to achieve it. However, sometimes, it doesn’t happen as fast as I want it to or I receive an answer I don’t like (hmm, like no) and I get frustrated.

This morning, I was chatting with my friend about this concept. I told her how I was waiting to hear back from a few editors. In the past, I would send them a follow up email just to touch base. Yet, how far had that gotten me?  Sure, sometimes the editors did need the additional reminder but most times, it didn’t help my goal manifest.

My friend posed the question “What if you didn’t do anything at all?” The concept of not doing anything, not sending a follow up email or making a phone call is very, very foreign to me.

And yet, it also sounded like fun. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I really DID NOT HAVE to do anything. My friend did say that of course we do need to take action but it should come from a place of excitement and joy, not from a place of fear or worry.

So here I am. A few hours later after the conversation. And I just received an email from one of the editors I had planned on emailing. Cool, huh?

I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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