Can You Let Go?

One of the topics that I often talk about with friends who are into the Law of Attraction is my challenge on letting things go and allowing things to happen. I am what you may call a “go getter.” If I want something, I want it now and I work on it until I get what I want. I get things done. But, sometimes, what I want involves other people saying yes and, well, sometimes that means I have to wait to hear from them. I hate waiting. I don’t have patience.  Did I already mention how I like things fast and now? Yeah, you get the picture.

Through yoga, meditation, my Kripalu trip and other stuff, I am slowly but surely learning how to let go. It’s a constant struggle though, I’ll tell you. At the same time, I laugh because letting go is easy. Why am I struggling? You do what you feel inspired to do and let nature take its course. But then I feel like maybe, just maybe, I can do something else or if I think a certain way, I’ll make it happen faster. I’m not a control freak, am I?

This morning, in my mediation practice, I asked the Universe for a sign on letting go and how to do it. I spotted a blog post that blew my mind. Janet Straightarrow and I are acquaintances and Facebook friends. I knew she had posted on her blog yesterday, but I was too busy to check it out until this morning. Prayer answered.



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