The Seeker

I’m always looking for something new and exciting to happen in my life. I love trying new workouts, new clothes, new skin care products, etc etc. Maybe there is something seriously wrong with me but I don’t care. It is what it is.

My latest adventure focuses on manifesting. I consider myself a pretty good manifestor. I know what I want and somehow, someway, most times I get it. Either it comes to me “magically” or I take an action or two and it comes to fruition. Except for one thing. Getting published in a well known women’s health or fitness magazine. I have tried and tried and pitched editor after editor and it simply has not happened. Since I believe in the Universe and energy work, it was clear to me that I was not in the flow. I was struggling way too hard. So, I gave up for a while. Put my attention on other projects and assignments.

But I have not forgotten that goal. A few weeks ago, I came across a book written by someone I know called Prayer Partners. How praying with someone can multiply your blessings. Sounds good to me. I purchased two books, one of myself and one for my future prayer partner. I was so excited. Then I began looking around and wondering how to proceed. Do I actively seek out a prayer partner or do I wait for someone to come knocking on my door? Then other things took my attention from this. I put the books on a shelf and put it out of my mind.

Until yesterday. I was searching for something and found the books. I picked them up and began reading one of them. I had been emailing a friend about a bracelet that I had manifested and mentioned the book to her. She said she was interested.

It just so happens that we were both free today to meet for an early lunch. I gave her a copy of the book. We agreed to be each other’s prayer partner. We haven’t figured out all the details, the exact time we will speak, how often, and all that jazz. I’m not letting that stop us. I’m going to be praying for her desire and she’s going to be praying for mine: to land that assignment and to be calmer and more patient with my kids. I cannot wait to see what happens!¬†Universe, can you hear me now?



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