20 Years Ago….

I graduated from high school. My 20th year reunion is this weekend. I am excited and also nervous. One interesting thing has been people’s reactions. One person asked me how much weight did I lose. Uhhh…not one pound. Another person commented hers was in the spring and she wanted to lose 20 pounds by that time. Yet another friend told me that these reunions tend to be crazy. That people get drunk and hook up. Or reveal their hidden feelings.

I’m not sure what to expect. I am certainly not going to reveal any feelings since I am married and happily so. That also means no hooking up or anything like that. It will be good to see people I haven’t seen for two decades. I’m hoping to have a fun night and to reconnect with people.  We shall see….


2 thoughts on “20 Years Ago….

  1. How did the reunion go? My 20th is in 2 years…I can’t believe that time has past that quickly!!

  2. I had a blast. Still recovering but managed to survive cardio kickboxing this morning. It was so much fun!

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