Are Envy and Jealousy All That Bad?

I know that feeling envious and jealous of others doesn’t do me any good. At the same time, they are human emotions. I don’t (usually) go around feeling envy and jealousy but every so often, they do veer their ugly heads. So what do I do about it? I usually enjoy immersing myself in the emotion. I like to wallow in the feeling and feel all sorry for myself. The other day a friend told me she was heading out (again) for a yet her 7th girls night out that week. I immediately felt green with envy. I wanted to go out too dammit!

After a while, I realized that I could easily have changed the situation. I could have picked up the phone (or, realistically texted or emailed) someone to see if they were in the mood to go out. If not that night, another night.

I think feelings of envy and jealousy can be good if they are used as motivation. If you are envious of someone’s ass, then get to work. Hit the gym.  If you are envious of someone’s marriage or relationship, then perhaps it’s a sign that you need to talk to your partner and share what you are feeling. Do something about it. I am writing these words for myself.

I also need to be honest with myself. I am not much of a night person. Yes, I love going out with my friends but most nights I want to go to bed by 10pm. However, I do enjoy the morning and day hours. I emailed a friend to see if she is free for lunch this week. I intend to make more plans with friends and have already begun taking action. Take that, jealousy!


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