Am I Responsible?

The other day, I was feeling a bit blase about my writing career. I asked the Universe for something to happen. Anything. Something good. Then the opportunity to blog at one of my favorite fitness sites fell on my lap. I didn’t have to do anything. The editor reached out to ME. I was so happy! Then, two other bloggers invited me to guest blog for them. How awesome is that!?!

It doesn’t stop there. On Wednesday night, in the span of 5 minutes, I was asked to appear on a local television show and appear on a media panel on health and the media. WOW! I was on a roll.  All I did was ask and it came to me. Every single opportunity came to me.

And then…..I started to feel sick on Thursday. At first, I thought I had over exercised as I had run a 5k and then went to hot yoga (yeah yeah, perhaps a bit much but I have done that before and was fine).  I was fine during the run, but even before yoga class started, I felt very nauseous and sick to my stomach. I had to walk out of class twice to get fresh air. That has never happened to me before, not even during Birkram Yoga, where it’s even hotter.

I survived class. I drank a lot of water all day but it didn’t help. I had to cancel my tv appearance. There was no way I could be on television the way I was feeling. I also had to cancel my two Friday work appointments and my weekend plans. I was supposed to be visiting my old college roommate in the city tonight.

This is part of the law of attraction that confuses me. I wanted to be on the tv show. I wanted to see my friend and have a fun night in the city. How did I manifest this bug or reaction to the flu shot?


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