What Scares You?

There’s a saying on lululemon’s manifesto that always sticks in my mind. Do one thing a day that scares you. It cracks me up because what can I possibly do on a daily basis that scares me?  Does taking care of my children count? Sometimes my behavior with them does scare the crap out of me. Just kidding. Sort of….

Today I was presented with an opportunity to scare myself. I was at the gym deciding what workout to do. I wasn’t in the mood to run on the treadmill because that hasn’t been fun at all. I wasn’t in the mood to spin. The other option was to take a Kickboxing class. Yeah, yeah, I bet you’re wondering why I would be scared of a kickboxing class. Let me tell you why. The teacher is one of those insane teachers. She does fast moves. She has a cult following so her classes tend to be super, super crowded. Lastly, I hadn’t taken one of her Kickboxing classes in years and I was afraid to make a fool out of myself. There. I said it. I like to look good and know what I’m doing when I work out. This class was going to push me out of my comfort zone.

So I took it. I ended up chatting with a lovely woman who complimented me on my body. She said I looked very lean without being bulky and she could tell I did yoga. She wanted to hear more about where I practice so I gave her my card. Anyway, the class was very intense and challenging. Did I perform every move? No. Did I turn right when I should have turned left? Yes. A few times. But I felt so proud of myself that I did it despite my reservations.

I just remembered another recent situation where I was scared. An editor at one of my favorite health and fitness sites, fitbottomedgirls.com, emailed me to see if I would consider writing during their guest blogger week. I was astonished and so honored. I immediately said yes. And then began to panic about my topic. What the hell was I going to write? I wanted to make it amazing.

I ended up writing about what I have been obsessing with lately. Yoga. Please read it.


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