If You Read It, Do You Believe It?

I love magazines, specifically ones that focus on health and fitness (yeah, I know, shocker) and also celebs.  My dad gets me a subscription to People every Christmas. I love it. My neighbors love magazines just as much as I do. We rotate magazines with each other. It’s perfect.

I was just going through my latest stash. Kelly Osbourne is on the cover of this week’s Us Weekly. The headline screams “How I Keep It Off.”  Apparently ever since she appeared on Dancing With the Stars, she has lost a ton of weight. The real surprise is that she has managed to keep it off for the past year. She admits that there isn’t a secret. She said she has changed her diet and exercises. I was surprised to read that she is no longer a fan of The Bar Method. She was going 3x a week but I guess she could not maintain her schedule. Nevertheless, she admits to working out with a trainer.

According to the article, Kelly weighs 112 pounds. That is so thin.  She looks very thin. But she doesn’t seem to have much muscle tone. The issue also had other celebs who have lost a ton of weight, like Jennifer Hudson. She looks great! She’s doing Weight Watchers. Carrie Underwood was also featured.  I’m really curious about her. I’ve read in the past when she has said she gained a ton of weight while on American Idol. What did she look like before the show? Has she simply gone back to her pre- American Idol weight?

Trust me, I know this is all meaningless. But I can’t help but love all these before and afters. I know these photos are probably photoshopped and that these celebs have personal trainers, chefs, nannies, housekeepers at their beck and call. It’s just mindless reading and entertainment.


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