To Run Or Not To Run

I’ve been practicing yoga a lot more these past few weeks. Yesterday I attended a local Global Mala Yoga event. You can check out these two articles if you want to learn more or see photos:

I really, really love yoga. Even though I am exhausted  after yesterday’s 108 sun salutations and various other asanas (ok, I will admit that I did not partake in every pose. I had to stop to take photos since I was working!), I am going to take a 2 hour Detox Vinyasa class today.

As much as I enjoy running (again, another confession. I am not sure if I really enjoy running but I do enjoy how I feel after the run is done), I don’t get very excited about running. I get excited about yoga. Is it because I have yet to run long enough to feel that runner’s high? Or does it mean simply that Judie + running = a no no?


2 thoughts on “To Run Or Not To Run

  1. For me, yoga and running serve different purposes. There’s room for both!

    Or as a yoga teacher once told me, runners need yoga but yogis don’t need running.

  2. Thanks Marianne! Tomorrow I’m set for Hot Vinyasa and a run on Thursday. Back to Hot Vinyasa on Friday. And a 5k on Saturday! Wish me luck.

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