Just SAY It

It never amazes me what happens when we speak our thoughts. (No, I’m not crazy). I was so excited today to take a class at my most favorite yoga studio in my town, Baker Street Yoga. It is a hot vinyasa studio and I just love it. I especially love this one particular teacher, Gillian. I know it’s not very yogic like to get attached to a specific teacher but I don’t care. I love her vibe, the intensity of her classes and just her. So there, I’ve said it.

Well, not really. I approached Gillian this morning before class and told her how excited I was to be there and how much I enjoy her class. Part of me felt like I was gushing and sounded like a dope, but I didn’t care. I spoke from the heart and from my truth. She seemed surprised and very happy to hear that. I was surprised that she seemed surprised because doesn’t she know what an amazing teacher she is!??!  Maybe not!

I later approached the owners, Blake and Claire, to tell them how much I really, really like Gillian. I’m not the only one. Another yogi told me she changes her work schedule to make sure she can take her classes. Clearly she has a following and I wanted to make sure the owners knew that.

Last month, my girls were at the gym with me a lot. They usually despise going to the gym with me because they hate babysitting. However, they befriended one of the sitters, Nicole. I saw her with my girls and she seemed so warm and gentle. I ended up writing a note to management to let them know my feelings. They emailed me back so I know they read it. I also told Nicole that as well. In fact, I had meant to get her a small token of my appreciation but then I was overwhelmed with back to school shopping. Will get to that this week.

Lots of us may think positively of someone or something. When was the last time you actually shared those feelings with that person? Do it today and let me know what happens.


2 thoughts on “Just SAY It

  1. I frequently turn the saying, “If you don’t have something nice to say…” into, “If you have something nice to say, by all means, say it!” People always have been happy to receive praise and judging from how often they react with surprise, we don’t SAY it enough.

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