Monthly Challenges

I recently came across a blog (and have not been able to find it since then, damn!) that was written by a woman who decided to do yoga every day for 30 days. I didn’t read all the entries but based on what I was able to read (and remember), she seemed to love the experience and was happy when it was over.  She said she hadn’t lost a lot of weight but she lost many inches and felt amazing.  I do remember seeing a photo of her doing crow pose. She looked fabulous!

I’ve been feeling rather blah. I feel like I don’t have anything exciting to look forward to.  I need to create some excitement in my life asap since I know all too well life is too short.  I need something to get this motor running.

I have thought about taking a yoga teacher training program for years.  I never fully investigated it.  It was simply something like “oh, it would be a nice thing to do…” I don’t want to be a yoga teacher but I would love to further develop my own practice and really understand the concepts at a deeper level.

I’ve sent out a couple emails to a few different teachers about their programs. Maybe this is exactly what I need. If not, I am sure the Universe will give me the answer.


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