How Much Is Too Much?

It’s been over a month since I attended my last class at The Bar Method. I’ve been back at the gym taking various different classes such as Body Pump or Sculpting. I run on the treadmill. I’ve been doing some videos using my new Fluidity Bar. I’m definitely keeping active and moving. Sounds great, right? Why don’t I feel great?

There is something about the Bar workout that makes me feel amazing. I feel strong, lean and buff. I am not feeling this way at all. My husband tells me to do the videos more. Frankly, I hate freaking videos. I have a hard time keeping motivated. The classes are so much more fun and challenging. I am a class girl, The Bar Method, Hot Vinyasa Yoga, anything. I prefer working out in a group setting.

The draw for The Bar is the price. It costs $250 for a 30 day unlimited membership. 10 classes is $225. My gym membership is $70 a month. It’s usually $90 a month but there was a deal going on when I signed up. Plus, it includes childcare which has been a lifesaver this month since my children are home with me.

What should I do?  Does anyone have any advice? I would appreciate it. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “How Much Is Too Much?

  1. Someone once said what made them work out was treating it like brushing your teeth. Even if you do not feel like it you do it.

  2. Thanks Marianne. If someone could pay for my Bar membership, I don’t think I would have any problem attending the classes. The cost is what is prohibiting me to take the live classes and the dvds, at least for now, don’t excite me or motivate me.

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