I just love Before and After. You know how they feature them in countless magazines. I do suspect they alter the Before photo to make the person look unusually awful, but it’s fun to see the After shots.

I just read the Fall 2010 issue of Instyle Makeover magazine. Jennifer Hudson is on the cover. The cover lines state “New Body! New Life!” She does look good although I prefer the look of her face when she weighed more. At any rate, I remember reading in other magazines about this transformation. I think People magazine said she was trying to lose weight for a movie role. People were lamenting the fact that she was losing weight (on Weight Watchers, by the way) for a movie role instead of focusing on her overall health. In this article, she didn’t mention the movie. She said she was doing it to get herself healthy. There’s been a lot of buzz about her weight loss.

I think it’s amazing when someone takes control over their life. Although when it comes to celebrities, I do feel a bit, I don’t know, maybe bitchy, when it comes to their weight. They have the means to afford a trainer, chef, etc etc. They get paid a lot of money to look good. Granted, they are doing the work but they certainly have a lot of motivation and assistance.

While at the gym today, I spotted a woman who I have seen many times over the years. She’s been working out with a trainer and has transformed her body. Even though she’s pretty much a complete stranger, when I saw her a month or two, I had to stop her to tell her I thought she looked amazing. It’s been very cool to witness her transformation.


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