Lacking In Motivation

Can I blame the summer? I wasn’t expecting my summer to be this busy. I have been extremely busy writing articles and working on my health and fitness columns for I’ve also been working on other magazine assignments. And taking care of my kids. Going on vacation. (Visiting my inlaws, so don’t feel jealous).

Ever since my membership to The Bar Method ended (waaaaa), I haven’t been working out that much. The fact that I had to sign up to take classes in advance at The Bar kept me motivated.

Take my running. I have not felt motivated to run in, like, forever. I have run a few times, outside and on the treadmill, but the passion isn’t there. Or is it motivation? Or the heat? Or something else?


2 thoughts on “Lacking In Motivation

  1. you don’t seem to be so busy if you have time to gossip and slander about others. perhaps your lack of motivation comes from the mediocre life you lead.

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