Back At The Gym

My membership at The Bar Method ended yesterday.  Waaaa! I am crying! This workout really changed my body. Along with eating smaller portions and healthier foods. I saw a friend yesterday and she claimed that I was “very skinny.” In fact, she said I was almost getting too skinny.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I’m joking! I am not trying to be skinny. I want to be thin, yes, but also STRONG and TONED. She did say I looked buff. Thank you Jen 🙂

It felt great to be back at the gym after my month long hiatus. I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes. OMG! I only ran 2 miles, 15 minute mile. Granted, I have not run in a few weeks due to the heat and humidity so I expected this but nevertheless, it was painful to acknowledge. Oh I also didn’t run as fast as fast as usual so that could be the reason why I only ran 2 miles. I was afraid that I would injure myself if I pushed myself.

Afterwards, I took a 75 minute Dancer’s Sculpt class. The usual teacher was on vacation so there was a sub. I was so disappointed! I love the regular teacher. However, the sub was pretty good. In fact, she had us use the ballet bar to do some of the moves!  I was so happy. And cocky too. She had us do similar moves as The Bar Method so felt easy to me but others were groaning in pain.  Ha ha ha!


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