Epiphany During A Facial

I’m 13 years old. Or at least I feel like I am 13. Or 15. My face has been breaking out. I never broke out as a teenager so this is new to me. And I’m not happy about it. I’ve been using benzoyl peroxide products, toning my face, purchasing pricey vitamin C serums. So what gives? I decided to treat myself with a facial. It’s been at least over a year since I had one and I was at my wit’s end with my face.

I went to a wellness center near my house called Terra Sky. I had taken a few exercise classes there but never had any of their treatments. The esthetician, Kim, patiently listened as I described my facial woes. She explained that hormones change as we get older and what I was experiencing was common. I’m sure what she says is true, but I refuse to believe it. Mind over matter, mind over matter….

As she later took a closer look at my skin, she said it was in great condition, aside from the breakouts. She said what probably had happened was that one pimple had spread the bacteria and it multiplied. We discussed my skin care routine, and again, she commented that it seemed like a good one. She said the key thing is consistency. She said I had to follow my routine every day. She said that she has clients who think they can only cleanse their face once a week or use a mask once in a while and it should still work.

At that moment, I had my epiphany. Consistency is key, no matter what. It made total sense. If you want to shed weight, you have to be consistent about it. You have to consistently exercise, eat smaller portions and healthy foods. If you want a new job, you have to be consistent about looking for one, networking and all that jazz.

Be consistent and you will achieve your goal…with clear, glowing skin.


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