Lady Gaga and Tracy Anderson…..Seriously?

I had to post this link that I just read.  It’s a photograph of Lady Gaga heading into Tracy Anderson’s gym. (I guess that answers the question if her gym was still around).  Lady Gaga, as usual, is wearing one of her outfits, but not an insane Lady Gaga. Nevertheless, she IS wearing high heels and a garter belt contraption.

Now, I am not one to talk about people’s bodies, at least not in public or in front of the actual person, but do I see cellulite on her legs?


2 thoughts on “Lady Gaga and Tracy Anderson…..Seriously?

  1. I was surprised since she has been photographed many times wearing certain, ahem, attire that shows off her thighs. Makes me wonder if the previous photos were photoshopped?

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