Coo Coo Over lulu

Ever since my group interview with lululemon, my obsession over the brand has increased dramatically. Like, a lot. I cannot stop thinking about lulu and possibly working there. I constantly check their Facebook page and read what everyone has been buying and wearing.

I was supposed to have heard news by last Thursday. I emailed the two women that I had met at the interview to touch base. No response back. I was devastated. I feel that this is a no brainer! I feel such alignment with the brand and their philosophy. I’m not the only one who feels this way either! My friends have been emailing me as well, asking me what’s the latest. I have run into people in the street who heard I was interviewing and they too agree that I would be a perfect lulu representative. But, alas, no email on Thursday. I was very surprised. Part of me felt like no news is good news but the other part wanted to hear that I was chosen to continue with the process.

I was emailing a friend about the fact that I hated waiting to hear from them. It dawned on me that I needed to shift my thinking about this. How would I feel once I received the email from them saying that I was chosen for the next round? Well, that was an easy question for me to answer. I would feel thrilled, beyond happy, excited beyond belief!!  Feeling those thoughts felt way better than checking my Blackberry every 5 seconds.

And then…… I received an email. Literally, a few minutes after I shifted my thoughts, I received an email from them!! It said that if they are interested in us, we will hear back from them by NEXT Thursday.  Granted, that wasn’t the exact email that I wanted to hear but nevertheless, I heard from them.

I am continuing to focus on feeling good and happy. I know I will hear good news from them. I just know it. And who can’t feel happy when you wear lulu??


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