Last week, I heard that an acquaintance was in the hospital due to lung cancer. She has a 6 year old daughter. The day I visited her was not one of her good days. She seemed exhausted and was out of it. She was suffering with chest pains and the doctors were coming in and out of the room. The goody bag that I had stressed over putting together seemed meaningless. Did she really need two pairs of slippers or scented lotion?? As I got in the car, I burst into tears.

I have been thinking about her all week. Some days I hear good news. Other days, not so good. I have arranged for an Energy Worker to visit her at the hospital. I experienced a session myself last Friday on my birthday, which I will share in greater detail in another post. In the meantime, the latest news was that she had gotten some sort of bug and was in isolation.

Every time my kids start whining or driving me up the wall and I am ready to scream bloody murder, I think of Michele. I bet she would do anything to be in my shoes versus in a hospital bed, praying she lives to see her daughter go into first grade. I know that is one of her hopes because she uttered those very words when I saw her.

My life is good. It’s more than good. Feel free to slap me if I ever forget. And please keep Michele in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. So sad. People even cherished their precious life when they have short time to live in this world. Lung cancer invades anyone and is not a happy thought to remember. May she rest in peace…

  2. Nerie, thank you for visiting my blog and for posting a comment. What has stuck out to me in this situation is the fact that it usually takes an event like this to remind us to appreciate and treasure our lives. It takes contrast for us to see what could be and may be in our future so we better enjoy what we have right now. I continue to see my friend recovering and being 100% healthy and happy with her family.

  3. Thank you Marianne. I spoke with her yesterday. She told me she has really been enjoying the sessions with the Energy Healer. I think it is absolutely amazing that they donate their time to hospital patients. She sounded in good spirits and is looking forward to being released from the hospital soon.

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