Wanna Get High?

I came across an interesting tidbit of information while reading the June issue of Fitness Magazine.  The article addressed a bunch of exercise concerns, such as “I fart in yoga class” and “My workouts make my butt break out.” I was most interested in “I’m grumpy after my workout. I never feel a runner’s high.”

The answer: “…one German study found that people have to exercise vigorously for at least one hour to experience change in the level of endorphins.” I was glad to read this because I have not experienced a runner’s high. In fact, I’m not even sure if I am enjoyng running at all.  One conclusion that recently dawned on me is that I need to do more than just run. A lot more. Yesterday I completed Day 2 of Week 6 of Couch to 5k. I came home and did a few pushups and sun salutations.

But it didn’t feel enough. I later did a 30 min video with weights. Ahhhh, that felt better. It doesn’t take me an hour to get the exercise high when I work out with weights. The minute I pick up the weight, I feel it. I love it!

A big reason why I am sticking with running (in addition to chasing the high) is that I have never been on a training program. I’ve always just went to a class, yoga, spinning, weights, and did the workout. I have never competed in anything so this is exciting to me.


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