One Thing Leads To Another

Ar 5pm this evening, my husband and I plopped ourselves on the couch and breathed a sigh of relief. We had a busy weekend. On Saturday night we were out late at a friend’s party. I woke up early Sunday since I had to write an article and I was stressed about getting it done. We also had my daughter’s 7 year birthday party at 10 am. Needless to say, I was exhausted all day. And I felt like crap.

I didn’t get much exercise and didn’t give my body the best nutrients it deserved.  God, does that sound cheesy or what! I just felt very ugh.

My husband had to run a few errands and he took the girls with him. I was on the computer, checking out and feeling like crap. Like a fat slob. I didn’t feel like doing a video. I also was in no shape to run. I decided to go for a quick power walk. I quickly got changed, grabbed my Ipod and got moving. Even though I wanted to do a really hard workout, physically I knew I wasn’t up to doing one. I told myself to enjoy the walk.

I ended up walking for about 40 minutes. I could have gone longer but I felt guilty about being away from home. When I got home, I didn’t feel complete so I dropped and started doing some push ups. I also did a few sun salutations. I felt so proud of myself! I also drank a ton of water. I was beginning to feel better.

At that point, my girls said they were hungry. I could not imagine eating or cooking. But of course they needed to eat. I suggested a fruit salad and the girls were all for it. I think they also felt a bit sick after eating so many celebratory cupcakes over the weekend. I cut up apples, strawberries, black berries, banana and oranges. It looked so pretty that even though I wasn’t starving, I decided to eat some! I added a few almonds to mine. I was very satisfying.

Tomorrow is a new day. But it’s never too late to start over.


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