Judging A Book By Its Cover

I am so judgmental.  I can’t seem to help it. The other day, a friend and I were talking about personal trainers. I told her while I have used personal trainers in the past, I prefer working out in a group setting. We then started talking, ok, gossiping about the personal trainers in my gym. There is one trainer who is also a very, very popular teacher. Her classes are always packed. She is a fun and energetic. Her body is sick. She wears the sports bra that shows off her 6 pack. I know she has at least one kid and she ain’t no spring chicken. She has the nicest butt I have ever seen on a white woman. But, she also has fake boobs. Huge, fake boobs. I admitted to my friend that I would not want to work out with her because of her boobs! They are fake! I don’t know why her fake boobs bother me. Perhaps I hold her to a different standard because she is a personal trainer?

My friend mentioned another trainer at the gym. This trainer, another woman, does not look to be in shape. In fact, she looks to be overweight. Maybe even obese. Isn’t that crazy? An overweight, possibly obese personal trainer?!?!?  What is the world coming to? The funny thing is I bet she is a kick ass trainer. She is always there training someone. She must be good, right? But, she is overweight! How can she be a good trainer if she is not following her own advice?!?

The entire conversation really pointed out how judgmental I really am. The first step to recovering from a problem is admitting it….right?


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