No Laughing Matter

I knew I should be running with proper running sneakers. A part of me wanted to wait to see if the running would stick or if I would lose interest. Plus, I have been running just fine in my Reebok EasyTone sneakers. Side note: I never realized these sneakers are so recognizable. On two different occasions within the past couple of weeks, I have been approached by strangers asking me if these sneakers work. I feel they are very comfortable but given that I exercise so much, I wouldn’t be able to tell if these sneakers do anything for my butt or legs.

Yesterday I felt was the right time to purchase a pair of running sneakers. I’ve really been enjoying running. I went to a store that specializes in running gear. I bought my EasyTone with me in case he wanted to check them out to see the wear. I am not sure where I learned or read this, but I seemed to know that it would be a good idea to bring my sneakers.

The sales guy was eyeing my bag. I explained that I was new to running and had only been running for the past couple of weeks. I pulled out my sneakers and handed them over. I was not expecting his response.

He looked shocked. He actually started laughing and slapped his hand to his forehead. I’m serious! He said he had no idea what type of sneaker he was holding!  I started laughing as well and said that they are supposed to help tone your legs.  Damn, I did feel very silly saying that. Honestly I did not purchase those sneakers believing they would tone my thighs. I needed a new pair of sneakers and thought, why not?

I ended up trying quite a few different styles of sneakers. I tried on everything from Asics to Saucony. Nike was the most comfortable one so I decided to buy it even though I didn’t think they were that pretty 🙂

I ran this morning on the treadmill. The sneakers were fine and comfortable. I didn’t find my run different than with my EasyTone but at least I feel like I’m one step closer to being a “real” runner.


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