Really? Come On Now. Really?

Today I picked up the May 2010 issue of Fitness Magazine with Kristin Davis on the cover. I had seen a few blogs, including one of my faves,, mention the cover. How amazing she looks. How flat her abs are. Seriously? This is supposed to be a big deal? Yes I am aware that she is 45. So old I’m surprised she isn’t walking with a cane!

But she hasn’t had any kids. Clearly I am prejudiced. If she had a kid or two and had abs like that, well, maybe, just maybe, I would be impressed. What do people expect? She is a celebrity. She probably has a chef and a house cleaner and someone who does her grocery shopping. And she gets paid to look good! She gets paid millions of dollars to have those abs.

I really started laughing when I read her interview. It starts out by saying “Kristin Davis is proud of her curves. ‘I have hips!’ she says.” OMG, is she freaking kidding me?!?  She thinks she has hips!? What is the world coming to!

I continued to read how Sarah Jessica Parker introduced her to Tracy Anderson‘s gym. Gee, I didn’t realize Tracy’s gym was still open.

Anyway, I’m really not a hater. I’m just not overly impressed with her body. Yes she looks good. Really good. And real. From my eyes, it doesn’t look like she has breast implants. She probably has had Botox or at the very least a chemical peel. After all, she is 45 🙂


2 thoughts on “Really? Come On Now. Really?

  1. Keep in mind that celebrities take extra insurance out for their assets. Seriously. Their legs, hands, body, vocal chords, etc are each (or all) insured because THIS is what generates income for themselves. If a foot model had an accident and couldn’t use her feet anymore, s/he is out of work.

  2. Rob, I hear you. I would love to be a celebrity for a day. Or at least have a best friend who was a celebrity. I would love an inside look in their lives.

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