My Latest Obsession

Now that I’m a runner….ok, I feel a bit funny calling myself a runner. Am I really, really a runner? I guess it depends on who is asking the question. I remember a few years ago when I was just beginning to develop my career as a writer. I felt so weird and fake calling myself a writer. But I told myself to stick with it and that it would come true. I went as far as to order business cards. It’s no surprise that a a few years later I have countless clips from magazines such as Time Out New York and my own health and wellness column on an AOL site. Go me!

But that is beside the point. Since I have embraced running, I want to go all out. That includes the quest to find the perfect pair of running pants. I’ve been wearing my usual yoga pants during my runs. However, I really want pants with a tighter fit, like the Victoria’s Secret ones I spotted online. Of course I did check out lululemon’s first. I could not find anything available in my size. Also I have a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret that I should use.

My runner friend Jill did recommend Champion’s crop pants that she purchases at Target. I checked it out last week but they didn’t have any in stock. Jill warned me they sell out very quickly.

So, all my runner friends, do you have any recommendations for me? Or should I purchase the Victoria’s Secret ones?


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