The Power Of Your Words

I had lunch today with an acquaintance to brainstorm on some business ideas.  Our conversation took a tangent as we began to talk about our spiritual beliefs. We began talking about the power behind our words.

I shared with her a story that I had read a while ago. (I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember where I read this story. I googled but could not find the source).

It was about a family whose young daughter, age 7, was stricken with a rare cancer. The father got into the habit of saying “I would give my right arm in order for her to be cured.” As a mom, I can certainly relate to that statement.

A while later, the father got into a car accident. His right arm had to get amputated. The daughter’s cancer was miraculously cured. What was that all about?

I am constantly reminding myself to not only think  positive words but to also use positive words when speaking with friends. Sometimes I forget and will spend 30 minutes complaining to a friend that I am so tired or that my children are driving me crazy. The good thing is that I am becoming more and more aware and can stop myself from going on.  Frankly, I never feel better if I complain and complain. I also remind myself that if I do have a complaint, I can also do something, anything, to turn that situation around.


2 thoughts on “The Power Of Your Words

  1. Well spoken. Plus, I am always curious about people who chronically state that they tired. I wonder why they never change their habits, behaviors, etc

  2. Hi Rob. Thanks for responding to my post. I can only speculate what goes on in people’s minds. Sometimes people get used to what is going on in their lives and feel like it will never change. People may complain about their weight and yet never take action to change their habits. It usually takes action to create a new possibility.

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