I Did It!

I have always envied runners. To me, runners look so happy. And skinny. If you have read my blog before, you know I have blogged about my previous attempts at running.

Since the weather has gotten warmer, I started thinking about trying once again. However, I also kept on having thoughts such as “I’m going to have shin splints” and “I should take some sort of running class” or “I don’t want to follow Couch to 5k.” It’s amazing how, despite our best intentions and desires, our thoughts tend to get in the way and hold us back.

The other day my friend (who is a runner and skinny) Jill mentioned that running to the church in the next town over was 3 miles. She also named a street that was a 2 mile point. For some reason, that piece of information pushed me over the edge.

I ran on Monday and today. I did not make it to the church but I got close. The fact that I did not listen to my negative thoughts and just did it made me feel pretty damn amazing.


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